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    1. Reinforced concrete carrier system and raft foundations in accordance with earthquake regulations.
    2. Gallery and high spacious volume in the lounge
    3. Visibility of gallery and lounge from the first floor hall
    4. A bedroom at the entrance floor suitable for the use of elder and disabled
    5. Ramp entrance suitable for the use of elder and disabled
    6. Dining room connected with kitchen
    7. Detail of decorative roof curtain
    8. Built-in wardrobes in all bedrooms
    9. Balconies with sunshade at the rooms
    10. Double lavatory, shower and bathtube in parents' bathroom
    11. Mirror and TV unit in parents' bedroom
    12. Laundry room, cellar and storage yard
    13. Additional study room
    14. TV unit in penthouse living room***
    15. Penthouse living room*
    16. Penthouse suite bedroom and bathroom*
    17. Sunbathing terrace at penthouse*
    18. Hot tub option on the terrace***
    19. Barbecue and sink options on the terrace***
    20. Independent veranda and garden usage area
    21. Environmental friendly materials

    1. DOORS
      1. Villa Entrance Doors
        1. 1st Class Steel Plated Door
      2. Villa Room Doors
        1. Lake ve kaplamalı kapılar
    2. WALLS
      1. Walls Inside the Villas
        1. Plasterboard walls, gypsum plaster+water based painted walls
        2. Wet Areas
        3. Painted walls compatible with its project, ceramic floorings
      1. Entrance and Corridor
        1. Laminated flooring
      2. Kitchen
        1. Laminated flooring
      3. Bathroom and Toilettes
        1. Ceramic or specific coating material
      4. Halls
        1. Laminated parquet
      5. Bedrooms
        1. Laminated flooring
      6. Terrace
        1. Non-slip ceramic
      7. Garden
        1. Grass, composite deck and keystone
    4. KITCHEN
      1. Dining opportunity with island type kitchen furnitures specially designed for the project...
      1. Built-in set to comprise cooker, owen, cooker hood and dishwasher; which are compatible to kitchen furnitures.
      2. Double door refrigerator**
      1. Bathroom specially designed for the project
      2. Vitrified products with TSI (Turkish Standards Institute) certification
      3. TSI certified armatures

    1. In accordance with the architectural project of villa exteriors, glass weighted curtain wall in the front and painted facade on the other sides
    2. Joineries
      1. Heat insulated special aluminium joinery systems with proper colours and double glazing with heat and sound insulation on the exterior, which are developed for its architectural project and manufactured from special series
      2. Motorised venetian blind in entrance hall**

    1. Water Installation
      1. Municipal water system which serves the domestic water of the entire compound, 120 m3 water tank and hydrophore which can feed underwater by submersible pump and filtration system
      2. Area at villa roofs allowing to place individual water tank and its infrastructure
      3. 350 lt electric heater boiler to meet each villa's own hot water requirement.
      4. One prepaid cold-water meter for each villa to measure water consumtion, and invoicing system
    2. Heating and Cooling
      1. Air condition in the hall and parents' bedroom
      2. Air condition infrastructure in the penthouse hall suit bedroom*
      3. Electric fireplace in the entrance hall
      4. Electric heated towel rack in each bathroom
    3. Sewage drains
      1. Drin system suitable for both sewage and cesspool

    1. Earthing
      1. Basic earthing and lightning protection system in accordance with the project and basic regulations
    2. Generator and Transformer
      1. Common generator to meet the needs of entire compound, which works in required power and amount in the villas
    3. In-flat Panel Systems
      1. Residual current circuit breakers in required amounts and values at in-villa panels in accordance with standards and regulations.
      2. Panels in villas are close to entrance doors, in accordance with their standards. System is divided into three in the panels as lighting, force and mechanic, and each group is protected separetely by residual current relays.
    4. Television, Telephone, Internet Line, Public Announcement
      1. 3 dish antenna on leisure centre's roof, which are placed to transmit broadcasting to the villas by detecting all satellites as the center
      2. In-villa fiberoptic telephone, internet and diaphone systems and their infrastructres
      3. Announcement and common music release opportunities
    5. Lighting Armatures
      1. Led lighting has been established in accordance with the project for the sites with suspended ceiling in villas Emergency lighting and emergency router armatures have been established in areas such as social area, electric rooms and mechanic rooms in accordance with regulations.
    6. Automation
      1. Opportunity to screen lighting on-off, hall and parents' bedroom dim+on-off, general energy on-off and also images of some optional areas on TV's in the villas, automation system to provide tracking controls of the functions stated above by the help of smart phone or computer

    1. The villas have been made more secure against fire by heat and smoke detectors.
    2. All common outdoor spaces such as leisure centre and mechanic areas are protected by fire warning system
    3. Fire fighting equipment, pumps, cabinets and fire brigade nozzle at the compound entrance in accordance with mechanical licence project

    1. A closed circuit camera security system which makes digital records in the compund, its parking areas and general surroundings in accordance with the project
    2. Videophone system for each villa connected with the compound security
    3. Security cabin at the vehicle and pedestrian entrance-exit of the compound
    4. 24 hours security with electric wire and sharp grab rails on the exterior walls

      1. Sunbathing areas by the pool in leisure centre
      2. Restaurant and br options where you can host your guests
      3. Fitness and changing rooms, vitamin bar
      4. An area of SPA including sauna, steam room, hot tube and shock showers
      5. Fireplace and bar at the entrance floor
      6. Multi purpose hall (playground and meeting place)
      7. Central hot water preperation, 600 liter Electric heater boiler and circulation system
      1. Landscapes, landscape areas, garden lighting and automatic garden irrigation system in accordance with the project
      2. Lanscape regulated pedestrian roads with special lighting between villas.
      3. Common usage banks in the garden
      4. Water channel which is both visual and refreshing
      5. Children's playground in the common lanscape area
      1. 1 open parking lot for each villa
      2. 1 closed garage for each villa
      3. Guest parking lots
  • Regarding the materials to be used at sites; they were planned according to the project and in case a problem occurs based on change in the project and supplier company, Umran Construction will use equivalent material nstead of relevant ones.
  • If required, the seller reserves the right to make alterations on the site list.
  • The written information was planned in the project, however, the seller reserves the right to make alterations in day conditions.

    *    Only available in 5 bedroom villas.
    **   Optionally offered.
    ***  Optionally offered only in 5 bedroom villas.